Rank Will's Freshest Outfits from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Just when you thought that the '90s were gone forever, old school '90s TV style has made a comeback. With a '90s retro resurgence on the rise, today’s kids are looking for style tips from a source that may be familiar to their parents - none other than Will Smith circa The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If you’re looking for the flyest '90s fashions, come on in for a look at this retro style Fresh Prince clothing and insane Fresh Prince outfits.

Few Will Smith facts are as important as the knowledge that his '90s Fresh Prince style was unmatched in coolness on television. Smith’s fun-loving character, a Philly-born misfit living with his Beverly Hills uncle and his family, was based on Will’s own personality, allowing him to rock some of the same wild styles he did as a rapper. His wardrobe consisted of everything from pastel patterns to neon prints. From the abstract to the artsy, Will’s Fresh Prince clothes knew no boundaries and included all the hottest trends of the day from parachute pants and one strap over-all’s to wild wind breakers and denim in every color of the rainbow.

No matter what the outfit, Will always loved accessorizing with backwards or sideways caps, some of which came in neon, and Nike or Jordan high-tops that are just as in style today. So if you’re looking to add a few rad nineties pieces to your wardrobe, check out these retro style Fresh Prince clothing trends for a few ideas that’ll have you feeling fly in no time. You’ll have your friends reaching for their plastic rimmed sunglasses as you float through campus in a blur of neon, wild geometric patterns, and all around “fresh.”