Retro Toys For Your Friend That Can't Stop Thinking About 'The Good Old Days'

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Old school toys possess a certain appeal the toys of today have yet to achieve for themselves. Childhood toys, which imprint themselves on people through memories and the occasional scar, provide as much nostalgia as they do entertainment, and for this they still hold a place in your heart. When you reminisce back on your days as a kid, you probably see these throwback toys scattered across your past the same way you left them laying on the floor of your room. If you're honest with yourself, you know you never fully appreciated your cool retro toys and games while you had them. 

But now thanks to the Internet, you and your friends have the opportunity to take advantage of these vintage toys a second time. And does that sound like such a bad idea? Maybe give your eyes a break from Tinder and Candy Crush and finally get around to being the proud and attentive Tamagotchi parent you always told yourself you would be.