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Rey Rivera’s Mysterious Death Has Baffled The Public Since 2006

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Even before Rey Rivera's case aired on Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries revival, the baffling story caught the attention of true crime fans, web sleuths, and professional detectives alike. The confounding pieces of evidence and bizarre leads that emerged from the investigation have made this unresolved case one of the most baffling in recent history. 

While the Unsolved Mysteries episode introduced Rey's story to a much larger audience, it left out some important details that add even more complexity to the case's standard narrative. To this day, new testimony and clues continue to come forth, leaving Rey's loved ones hopeful for an update, and that the truth will eventually be exposed.

  • Authorities Determined Rivera Either Jumped Or Fell Through The Roof

    How did Rivera end up in an abandoned conference room at the Belvedere? What events led up to Rivera falling with such force that he burst through the annex's roof?

    While Unsolved Mysteries claims no one in the Belvedere heard a sound when Rivera's body fell, Mikita Brottman challenges this assertion in An Unexplained Death. Brottman was actually living in the Belvedere at the time, which is what turned her on to Rivera's case. She heard a crashing noise on May 16, the night Rey expired, which she notated in her journal. At the time, Brottman chalked the sound up to city noises.

    Forensic analysts determined Rivera took a jumping leap before he dropped 14 floors from the top of the Belvedere's main building to the roof of its annex. Whether Rey jumped voluntarily or by force remains the key unsolved component of this ongoing mystery.

  • Rivera’s Shoes And Cell Phone Were Found Next To The Hole

    When Rivera's friends discovered the hole in the annex's roof, they stumbled upon an eerie sight: Laid out around the hole were Rivera's cell phone, eyeglasses, and flip-flops. Both Rivera's cell phone and eyeglasses were unbroken and intact, leading some to believe the scene was staged. One of the flip-flops contained drag marks, while the strap was broken on the other.

    How was it possible for the 6'5'' Rivera to fall from such a height with his belongings strewn around the hole as they were?

  • A Money Clip Rivera Always Carried Was Never Found, But He Allegedly Had A Keepsake From His Wife In His Pocket When He Died

    One item in Rivera's possession when he left his house the afternoon of May 16 was the money clip he took with him everywhere. After his body was discovered, authorities located all of his personal belongings - minus the clip. To this day, Rivera's money clip has not been located.

    Conversely, Rivera's widow Allison was disturbed by a possession found in her husband's pocket: a small penny with a heart cut out of it. Allison purchased the penny years earlier as a lucky charm for Rivera, which he always kept in a bowl on top of his dresser. No one is certain why Rivera decided to bring the penny with him on May 16.

  • Mikita Brottman Claims Rivera And His Wife Frequented The Belvedere Before His Death

    In An Unexplained Death, Mikita Brottman divulges a piece of intel never discussed in the Unsolved Mysteries episode: Both Rey and Allison Rivera spent time at the Belvedere Hotel before Rey's untimely demise. In the book, Brottman includes an "unsourced claim" that "the victim had frequented the Belvedere on several occasions in the past."

    At the time, the Belvedere contained a bar, the Owl Bar, and a nightclub, the 13th Floor. In the book, Allison alleges she went to the Owl Bar with her husband at least twice. While she says it's possible Rivera could have returned to the Owl Bar with his work colleagues, she doesn't believe he ever went to the 13th Floor.