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Singer Björk Had A Crazy Stalker In Florida Who Filmed Disturbing Videos About Her

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People who stalked celebrities rarely turn out to be sane, normal individuals, but the worst celebrity stalkers are the ones who attempt to kill the object of their obsession. Though most of us take interest in the lives of celebrities from afar, few people would ever consider hurting them. However, sometimes interest in celebrities turns into infatuation, which is when things get really dangerous. 

This was unfortunately the case for Ricardo Lopez of Hollywood, FL. An obsessive man, Lopez became infamously known as the Björk stalker in 1996. Up until then, the "It's Oh So Quiet" singer had never met Lopez, and had done nothing to provoke him. Regardless, Lopez became so obsessed with the Icelandic popstar that he eventually decided to kill her. Of course, the idea of regular murder did not satisfy Lopez; he needed to find the most twisted method of execution imaginable. 

To understand what led Lopez to make an attempt on Björk's life, one must first examine the diary of this delusional stalker. Along the way, all the twists and turns of his sinister scheme will be revealed. 

  • Lopez's Body Was Found When Blood Started Dripping Into Surrounding Apartments

    The police didn’t find Ricardo Lopez's body until four days after his death. The corpse was found after neighbors reported blood dripping through the walls of the apartment below where Lopez lived. 

    When he was found in September 1996, Lopez's body was badly decomposed, and he had different colors painted on his face. On the walls of the apartment, Lopez had written strange phrases and racist words. Six days after the body was recovered, Björk told the press that she was "very depressed" by the incident.

  • When Björk Started Dating Another Musician, Lopez Became Unhinged

    Three years into Lopez's obsession, the stalker found out that Björk was dating a musician known as Goldie. While it was unacceptable for anyone to date the subject of Lopez's fixation, later evidence also suggests that Lopez was racist, and Goldie's ethnicity may have further influenced his actions. Whatever his reasoning, Lopez was furious about the pair's relationship, and began considering ways he could inflict pain on Björk in retaliation in mid-1996. 

  • Authorities Intercepted Lopez's Letter Bomb

    After he killed himself, Ricardo Lopez's body was discovered, along with his diaries. A quick investigation of the diaries revealed a key piece of information: Lopez had sent a letter bomb that was meant to kill Björk in mid-September, 1996. Police figured this out a day before the letter was set to arrive, which allowed them to intercept the bomb before the popstar received it. 

  • Prior To The Attack, Lopez Had Been Obsessed With Björk For Years

    In 1993, Lopez's love for Björk began on a relatively positive note. At first, the stalker found refuge from his troubles by reading about the glamorous world of showbiz. At the age of 18, he saw a video of Björk, which caused him to become infatuated with her. At first, she was the muse who inspired his artwork, but things soon escalated as he became obsessive and lost his grip on reality.