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20 People Who Clearly Suffer From 'Rich Kid Syndrome'

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"Rich kid syndrome" or "affluenza" is an ailment on society that affects people who have yet to learn about the harsh, cold realities of life. Either because of overprotective parents or just an excess of material goods, these are people who are unaware of their privilege and act accordingly, often treating others as inferior or taking material goods for granted. 
The good folks of Reddit shared their stories of people they met who "suffer" from rich kid syndrome. Here are a few of the worst. 

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    Delayed Reaction

    From Redditor u/733094:

    There was this 15-year-old girl who was going on an exotic vacation to some pacific island or something. But her favorite show was on TV the day of their flight, and she really wanted to see it. Her parents delayed the flight so that she could watch an episode of her favorite show.

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    Quick Fix

    From Redditor u/vobvobvob99:

    One of my college classmates wrecked his Range Rover over winter break and came back in an Aston Martin

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    Good Time

    From Redditor u/babbchuck:

    Group of rich high school kids in Montana out driving around, drinking. Found two combines (large farm tractor thingies, worth about $250k each) out in a wheat field. Decided to have a demolition derby. Got caught. In the judges chambers, with the farmer, who just wanted the damages reimbursed. The high-end family lawyers asked what the hell they were thinking when they did it. The response: “Well, you can’t put a price on a good time”. Turns out that was the wrong answer...

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    Hot Spot

    From Redditor u/-ipaguy-:

    I called out a woman who parked her car dead center over the dividing line between two empty spots. She responded, "I know I did, and it's because I drive a Lexus. Don't make me call my husband on you."

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