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All Richard Carpenter shows list, featuring TV series created by Richard Carpenter, with pictures from the show when available. Series and programs made by TV creator Richard Carpenter are listed below alphabetically, with additional information such as when the show first aired and what network it aired on. What are all of the Richard Carpenter TV creations? This series list includes any shows that Richard Carpenter co-created and maybe served as an executive producer on.

List contains shows like Robin of Sherwood, Dick Turpin.

This list of television shows features programs produced, written, and adapted by Richard Carpenter. This list answers the questions, "What shows did Richard Carpenter create?" and "How many shows has Richard Carpenter created?"

These shows may not have all aired in the same country, but they were all created or co-created by Richard Carpenter. (4 items)
Catweazle is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Richard Carpenter Shows and TV Series
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Catweazle is a British television series, created and written by Richard Carpenter which was produced and directed by Quentin Lawrence for London Weekend Television under the LWI banner, and screened in the UK on ITV in 1970. A second season in 1971 was directed by David Reid and David Lane. Both series had thirteen episodes each, with Geoffrey Bayldon playing the leading role. The series was broadcast in Ireland, Britain, Gibraltar, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Nicaragua and Quebec. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Peter Butterworth, Bud Tingwell, Elspet Gray, Geoffrey Bayldon, Neil McCarthy, + more

Premiered: 1970

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Dick Turpin is a British television drama series starring Richard O'Sullivan and Michael Deeks. It was created by Richard Carpenter, Paul Knight and Sydney Cole and written by Richard Carpenter, John Kane, Charles Crichton and Paul Wheeler, it was made by Gatetarn, Seacastle productions in-association with London Weekend Television between 1979 and 1982. 26 half hour episodes and one feature length episode were filmed on location at Maidenhead in Berkshire, England. The series is loosely based on the adventures of the real 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin. ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Richard O'Sullivan, Christopher Benjamin, David Daker, Billy Dean, Michael Deeks

Premiered: 1979

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Robin of Sherwood is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Richard Carpenter Shows and TV Series
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Robin of Sherwood, was a British television series, based on the legend of Robin Hood. Created by Richard Carpenter, it was produced by HTV in association with Goldcrest, and ran from 1984 to 1986 on the ITV network. In America it was retitled Robin Hood and shown on the premium cable TV channel Showtime and on PBS. The show starred Michael Praed and Jason Connery as two different incarnations of the title character. Unlike previous adaptations of the Robin Hood legend, Robin of Sherwood combined a gritty, authentic production design with elements of real-life history, 20th century fiction, and pagan myth. The series is also notable for its haunting musical score by Clannad, which won a ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Ray Winstone, John, King of England, Nickolas Grace, Jason Connery, + more

Premiered: 1984

Number of Seasons: 3

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The Ghosts of Motley Hall

The Ghosts of Motley Hall is a British children's television series written by Richard Carpenter. It was produced and directed by Quentin Lawrence for Granada Television, and broadcast between 1976 and 1978 on the ITV network. The series relates the adventures of five ghosts who haunt Motley Hall. Each is from a different era, and all except Matt are unable to leave the confines of the building and Matt himself is unable to travel outside the grounds of the Hall. The only regular character who is not a ghost is Mr Gudgin the caretaker of Motley Hall. Carpenter wrote a companion novel for the series for Puffin Books in 1977. A 3 DVD set containing the complete series was released by Network ...more on Wikipedia

Actors: Peter Sallis, Freddie Jones, Arthur English, Nicholas Le Prevost, Sheila Steafel, + more

Premiered: 1976

Number of Seasons: 3