Weird History

Everything That Happened In The Days Leading Up To Nixon's Resignation

Richard Milhous Nixon's presidency was full of excitement, intrigue, grievously bad judgment, and booze – which is why so many drunk Richard Nixon stories have lived on long past the man. Tales about the end of his tenure as president are no different.

In the wake of Watergate – as his removal from the Oval Office became imminent in the late summer of 1974 – it was clear to Nixon that he had to do the unthinkable. He had to resign. As he slowly accepted his fate, he turned increasingly inward, brooded, drank, swore, and took out his frustrations in alarming ways. Nixon didn't handle his liquor well, and with the end of his presidency in sight, Watergate, depression, and scotch got the better of him as his time in office drew to a close.