Unspeakable Times

His Rampage On A House Full Of Nurses In The '60s Is Why They Coined The Term 'Random Mass Murder'

How could a man commit crimes so heinous that a new term was coined for his evil deeds? "Random mass murder" was first used to describe the horrifying crimes committed by Richard Speck. Sure, mass murders had been committed before the crimes of Speck, but his evil deeds profoundly affected citizens, and some would later say changed the country for the worse.

Speck was responsible for the brutal slaying of eight nursing students in 1966. The crimes took place on Chicago's South Side, a neighborhood where most felt comfortable in their homes without even bothering to lock their front doors. The Richard Speck crimes changed all of that. Parents were afraid to let their children play outside, and women were terrified to go outside just to hang their laundry.

What was the life of Richard Speck like and what could cause a man to terrify an entire nation, committing the crime of the century? Continue reading to learn more about the life and crimes of mass murderer Richard Speck.