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Which 'Rick And Morty' Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Rick and Morty, the raunchy, sci-fi animated series on Adult Swim, never ceases to be entertaining. Between the incredible voice acting and the engaging cast of broken characters, the show has garnered a massive following. The show's rabid fan base takes the time to examine the real science in Rick and Morty and even come up with multiverse fan theories to try to make sense of the show's complicated time (and space) lines. 

Due to the massive amount of research and dedication, many viewers may fancy themselves Ricks, but the truth is we aren't all one of the many Ricks of the multiverse. There is a Rick and Morty character for each zodiac sign, and while Rick may scoff at the idea of a pseudo-science dictating personality, we say, "Shum shum slippedy dop!"

  • The first sign of the zodiac, Aries shares the same hot-headed attitude and stubborn personality as Beth Smith. Beth is the bossy head of the Smith household, and she sports a very apparent superiority complex - she is a horse surgeon, after all. At her best, she's energetic and independent, but at her worst, she's wildly impulsive and insecure.

    Both Beth and Aries believe they're on top of the world, and they won't hesitate to assert their dominance. Even though they can be a self-centered whirlwind of aggression, they care deeply about their friends and family.

    • Stubborn is the middle name of everyone born under the zodiac sign of Taurus - and it might as well be Jerry Smith's, too. Jerry is somehow both lackadaisical and adamant about being a provider (even though he can't hold a job). He finds himself entertaining a constant inner battle between his inherent laziness and his overwhelming drive to dedicate himself to something, like proving that Pluto is in fact a planet.

      Although Jerry fits the description of Taurus's overindulgent and lazy nature, he also shares the sign's supportive and caring qualities. His deadbeat attitude might not make him the best father all the time, but he perseveres in his relationships and cherishes his family.

      • Natural-born intellectuals, Geminis are rulers of communication and ingenuity. Seen as a sign with a split personality, a Gemini can be charming and intellectual at one moment, then distracted and reckless the next. Morty's math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, might just be a public school teacher on the surface, but outside the classroom, he exposes his true Gemini nature.

        When Rick and Morty dive into his mind and roam around in Mr. Goldenfold's dreams, his vivid imagination and adventurous thought process really shows. As a Gemini, spontaneous and colorful ideas come naturally.

        • Although Morty Smith is one of the title protagonists of the show, he doesn't have the attitude of a hero. He might act pretentious and cocky, but it's only to cover up the fact he can be insecure and downright cowardly at points.

          Cancers can be hypersensitive. Represented by the crab, the animal provides the perfect metaphor for how Cancers live their lives - putting up a hard-shelled front to protect their fickle emotions. Even though Rick's brazen attitude drives Morty nuts at points, it helps him come out of his shell. 

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