These Fans Made Spectacular Fan Art Of Rick And Morty Crossing Over Into Other Fictional Worlds

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Get ready for Rick and Morty to get sucked into alternate dimensions like you've never seen before. The talented illustrators, animators, and Photoshop wizards whose work appears on this list have thrown the show's demented characters into the popular movie, video game, comic, and television universes. In a psychedelic fusion of dark sci-fi and animated goodness, fan art of Rick and Morty in other franchises tries to out weird Dan Harmon with its myriad batsh*t insane visions. 

From live-action thrill-rides like The Walking Dead and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to animated eye-poppers such as Attack on Titan and Adventure Time and even video-game sensations like Pokemon and Super Mario Kart, the best Rick and Morty fan art on the Internet gives fans of the show a taste of what it's like to be in a different, radical reality.