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This Rick & Morty/Breaking Bad Crossover Is Too Perfect For Words  

Mick Jacobs

Getting a crossover idea to work requires both elements to share enough parallels to make for a rewarding combination. In the video below, Breaking Bad gets mashed up with Rick and Morty, creating a dark comedy with a few pretty crystals and some far-out sci-fi.

Drawn into a whole new reality, Walter White and his partner in crime Jesse find themselves in White's camper, which bears a few similarities to Rick Sanchez's own garage-based laboratory.

Both characters also receive a couple of new personality traits, with White's voice taking on a rapid-fire tempo while Jesse's shifts into a higher pitch at the sight of crystal meth forming.

Somehow, these two worlds collide to create a crossover episode that feels entirely familiar and probably worth talking to a studio about. Watch the video below to see why Rick and Morty need to portal gun themselves into the world of Breaking Bad.