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13 Clever 'Rick And Morty' Easter Eggs That Are Easy To Miss

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Through a perfect cocktail of sci-fi adventure and dark, adult comedy, Rick and Morty serves up a fresh blend of colorful characters and thrilling situations to an audience that's overwhelmingly thirsty for edgy, emotional, and action-packed content. Rick and Morty has made viral waves across a variety of fandoms, and the show has generously tucked away all sorts of awesome, hidden gems within its animated walls. The Easter eggs you missed in Rick and Morty tie up loose ends, provide some extra insight to the show, and give shout-outs to favorite fandoms across a span of pop-culture hits.

The show's roots are deep-seated in pop-culture satire and its creators have certainly been around the creative block a few times before, so viewers can expect for there to be a plethora of hidden things in Rick and Morty – scattered around and waiting to be discovered.

If you pay close enough attention, you can uncover some of the Rick and Morty Easter eggs that the creative staff has left for you; some of them planted just for laughs or witty retort, and some of them hinting at what's to come in later episodes. Be sure to keep both your eyes and ears peeled for both hints and giggles as your flesh-embedded ocular devices suck in the goodness that is Rick and Morty.

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    A Box Of "Time Travel Stuff" Literally Shelves The Idea Of Time Travel

    Under the constant pressure of being compared to the cinematic classic Back to the Future, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have placed a witty retort within the confines of their animated space. Rick and Morty travel between realities, universes, and dimensions, but not through time.

    Rick keeps a box of "Time Travel Stuff" stowed away on the shelf in the garage, providing a sassy metaphor for viewers and critics to admire from afar. This box can be seen stashed away and untouched in almost every episode, a constant reminder that the creators of Rick and Morty have literally shelved the idea of time traveling.

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    Interdimensional Customs Shows Off Aliens From All Franchises

    The Pilot episode of Rick and Morty shows off the hub of the Interdimensional Customs, where an entourage of alien silhouettes from a span of popular sci-fi franchises make an appearance. In a "Where's Waldo"-esque portrait, pop-culture alien icons can be pinpointed all around the canvas, showing off an awesome homage to its predecessors.

    Some of the ones you can actively find are a Prawn from District 9, the Alien from the Alien franchise, and a Mooninite from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. How many more can you pick out? This sci-fi hot pot puts your true alien pop culture knowledge to the test.

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    The Closing Image For Harmonious Claptrap Now Shows Dan Harmon Alone

    In a less light-hearted Easter egg, the closing image for Dan Harmon's "Harmonious Claptrap" has switched to a vanity card that shows his post-divorce life. Seasons 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty include Harmon's personal closing logo, showing off a happy display of him and a family – consisting of his wife and animals.

    Season 3's closing still now paints a picture of Dan's life alone, still with his animals, but surrounded by bottles of alcohol and trash instead of in a happy, colorful home with his wife. This new closing image follows his recent divorce with comedian Erin McGathy.

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    Meeseeks Is Caught Hanging Out In An Arcade

    Mr. Meeseeks was a very lovable and endearing character... until he met Jerry Smith. Meeting a foul and bloody, gun-filled end in the Season 1 episode “Meeseeks and Destroy,” Meeseeks disappeared into the interdimensional ether, never to be called upon again. However, in the second episode of Season 2, "Mortynight Run," Rick and Morty swing by the arcade Blips and Chitz to indulge in some interactive activities, where a Meeseeks can be seen lingering around, helping someone out with their space-game.

    This particular Meeseeks poofs away once it's done assisting an alien comrade with an arcade game, but neither Rick or Morty seem to notice its presence. It's probably because they're too focused on playing the overly-realistic virtual reality game, Roy.

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