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13 Clever 'Rick And Morty' Easter Eggs That Are Easy To Miss

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Through a perfect cocktail of sci-fi adventure and dark, adult comedy, Rick and Morty serves up a fresh blend of colorful characters and thrilling situations to an audience that's overwhelmingly thirsty for edgy, emotional, and action-packed content. Rick and Morty has made viral waves across a variety of fandoms, and the show has generously tucked away all sorts of awesome, hidden gems within its animated walls. The Easter eggs you missed in Rick and Morty tie up loose ends, provide some extra insight to the show, and give shout-outs to favorite fandoms across a span of pop-culture hits.

The show's roots are deep-seated in pop-culture satire and its creators have certainly been around the creative block a few times before, so viewers can expect for there to be a plethora of hidden things in Rick and Morty – scattered around and waiting to be discovered.

If you pay close enough attention, you can uncover some of the Rick and Morty Easter eggs that the creative staff has left for you; some of them planted just for laughs or witty retort, and some of them hinting at what's to come in later episodes. Be sure to keep both your eyes and ears peeled for both hints and giggles as your flesh-embedded ocular devices suck in the goodness that is Rick and Morty.

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    The House Damages Never Get Fully Repaired

    Giving the show a bit of continuity, and reassuring viewers that the show's episodes aren't jumping from universe to universe, damages have been made to the house over time that just kind of... stay there. Across episodes, a couple of major damages link the house to its current reality – such as a hole in the roof that's been boarded up with some planks and a large crack in the pavement. 

    In the final episode of Season 1, "Ricksy Business," a huge crack is made in the pavement, which can be seen later on in the Season 2 episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation," where an adamant Jerry is whacking away at some weeds.

    In the Season 2 episode “Look Who’s Purging Now," Summer and Jerry blast a hole through the roof of the garage, which gets repaired, lazily, with some wooden planks that stay stagnant for the remainder of episodes. 

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    Rick Brought In The Stow-Away Parasites From Total Rickall

    In episode 4 of Season 2, "Total Rickall," the Smith family fights against parasitic space aliens that have completely infested their house (and minds). This parasite implants wave upon wave of fake memories into their heads, confusing the family and leaving them in a scurry to filter through the real and fake figments of friends and loved ones. But how did these parasites get inside of the house?

    If you pay attention to the end of "Mortynight Run," you'll realize that these parasites had a full episode to make themselves feel right at home. When Rick shovels those green rocks into his spaceship, some bright pink parasite eggs can be seen stuck to them. The first parasite in the house also has a legion of larvae on its back, hinting that there are more parasites scurrying around somewhere.

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    Jerry Keeps A Framed Portrait Of Doofus Rick In The Garage

    Doofus Rick is the only Rick out of all of the multitudes of interdimensional versions of Rick Sanchez that actually seems to enjoy Jerry's company. According to other Ricks, he also eats his own sh*t. Doofus Rick and Jerry really hit it off in the episode "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind," and the other Ricks were quick to shame the two over their newfound relationship.

    The combined alienation from other Ricks and actual emotional bonds the two shared obviously kept a snug place in Jerry's heart, as viewers can see in the Season 3 episode premiere, “The Rickshank Redemption," if they pay close attention. Jerry keeps a framed picture of his fondest Rick, Doofus Rick, hidden away in the garage from prying and taunting eyes.

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    Grunkle Stan's Items From Gravity Falls Now Reside In The Rick and Morty Universe

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    In Gravity Falls, the episode "Society of the Blind Eye" shows the character Grunkle Stan losing some very specific items. A notebook, a pen, and a yellow a coffee mug with a "?" printed on it get sucked into a giant, ominous portal, never to be seen again... in Gravity Falls, at least.

    These three items later pop out of a portal Rick opens up with his portal gun while on the run from a horde of Ricks. This homage is one of Justin Roiland's shout-outs to other friends and coworkers in multimedia, one of them being Alex Hirsch, creator of Disney XD's Gravity Falls.

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