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Mind-Blowing Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense  

Mick Jacobs

Rick and Morty excels at lacing its jokes with actual scientific theory and thought-provoking ideas, adding an extra layer of depth to the hit cartoon. Naturally, a show this intellectually stimulating creates a number of different fan theories, with many of the best ones being discussed in the video below.

Because Rick and Morty relies heavily on complicated situations and concepts, it lends itself an ideal world for fan theories to be as openly explored as the science you watch unfold in Rick's laboratory.

Many of the fan theories naturally form around Rick himself, a genius whose intellect appears to outmatch anyone from any universe he so chooses to visit. An older scientist, Rick undoubtedly lived a crazy life up until he teamed up with Morty, and fans continue to speculate about his backstory.

But the most engaging theories tend to center around Morty, the unassuming underdog of the pairing whose evil counterparts may be much more nefarious than anyone realizes, making him a perfect villain. If you want to get your mind blow, watch the video below.