Total Nerd Rick & Morty And Gravity Falls Are Connected, And You Can See The Proof Yourself  

Mick Jacobs

Could the fantastical fictional worlds of Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls be more connected than you realize? According to the video below, a few Easter Eggs in Rick and Morty hint at both worlds overlapping in more ways than one.

Both shows tackle outlandish and chaotic situations using laughs and animation to illustrate complex and/or compelling ideas. With that in mind, it wouldn't be hard to connect them both simply due to their aesthetic similarities.

Furthermore, given that each show, particularly Gravity Falls, thrives off of subversive, under-the-radar jokes, it makes sense they might use this hidden humor as a way of bridging the gap between these universes.

Do you think the universes of these two shows overlap in some way, or is this all a load of science fiction? Watch the video to make your own conclusions.