Rick and Morty Memes That All Fans Will Laugh At

Rick and Morty has quickly become of the Internet’s favorite shows. With the cartoon’s use of inter-dimensional travel, time bending, and out-there catchphrases, this series that follows Morty and his alcoholic grandfather as they save the world, destroy other worlds, and crash a wedding or two seems tailor-made for cult fandom. This list collects some of the best Rick & Morty memes from across the Internet that you’re definitely going to have to explain to your friends who don’t want the show. But if your friends don’t watch Rick and Morty, are they really your friends?

The funny Rick & Morty jokes, weird references, and handmade items that collected here were made by fans, for fans, so if you’re cruising through this list and you get confused, don’t be ashamed of any Googling that you have to do. These Rick & Morty photos sum up the fandom of one of the weirdest yet touching programs on Adult Swim. These fans aren't just really funny (and kind of weird) people, but also they love to share their fandom with their friends. Put on your goggles and check out these Rick & Morty pictures that all fans will laugh at.

Vote up your favorite Rick and Morty memes that only fans will understand, and if you and your friends have any Rick & Morty inside jokes, feel free to add them to this list!


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    Siri's Way too Smart for her Own Good

    Siri's Way too Smart for her Own Good
    Photo: ifunny.co
    But she still gives terrible directions.
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    Who Doesn't Know This Hit Track?

    Who Doesn't Know This Hit Track?
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Hey, take your pants off/It's Schwifty time today
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    This isn't as Cool When Your Dad Says it

    This isn't as Cool When Your Dad Says it
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    Every night, over our beds. 
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    Print This Out and Tape it to Your Computer

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    It's Near Kansas

    Also in every bone in our body. 
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    The Perfect Plan

    The Perfect Plan
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Liver? We hardly know her!