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This Morty Isn't Rick's Original Morty, And We Have The Evidence To Prove It

Updated 13 Oct 2018 56.7k views9 items

There is one axiomatic truth about Rick and Morty: It's absolutely insane. The infinite parallel universes that the infinite Ricks and Mortys explore open up infinite possibilities for... well, anything. Coinciding with this truth is the countless Rick and Morty fan theories circulating on the web. One such mind-boggling theory argues that this Morty isn't Rick's original Morty. Confusing as it may sound, it's an idea that actually carries a lot of wait. 

Given that Rick and Morty have replaced at least one pair of their dead counterparts early in the series, it's not at all implausible that the two aren't an original pair. Any number of crazy adventures could have resulted in this Cartoon Network dream team splitting up and reassembling. 

Read on to discover all you need to know about this original Morty fan theory. As a bit of deep dive, this article obviously contains by a fair bit of spoilers – so don't be such a Jerry. 

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