Total Nerd Rick And Morty Recreated A Real Court Transcript And The Results Are Hilarious  


Rick and Morty have taken their cartoon commentary into the real world, dubbing an actual court case. This video shows a sneak preview of a 10-minute scene that plays out like a parody but is, believe it or not, just regurgitating a real-life legal proceeding.

In the case, a murder case defendant requests a new court-appointed attorney, and the judge goes off on him, yelling and cursing him out.

Of course, the defendant reacts right back, and worse. There's lot of vulgarity, and interrupting, and other inane nonsense that sounds like something straight from the writers' room, but is actually straight from the courtroom.

At the end of the video, the defendant slams into the judge's family, graphically threatening to kill them. Because violent threats are always a great persuasion tactic, right?

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