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This Fan Theory Will Have You Convinced That Rick And Morty Are The Same Person

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The animated sitcom Rick and Morty features high-concept sci-fi rigamarole jampacked with dark comedic themes, which makes it one of the best Adult Swim TV shows. It follows the adventures of 70-year-old Rick Sanchez, the smartest man in every conceivable universe, and his 14-year-old “grandson” as they go about their everyday lives in Universe C-137. However, throughout its Season 3 run in 2017, fans posed the question: are Rick and Morty actually the same person?

Throughout Season 3, Rick and Morty explore some pretty far-out concepts. From creating an Abraham Lincoln/Adolf Hitler mash-up to dating a hive-mind entity, Rick seems to have done it all. Morty joins his adventures relatively late in the game, but some theories about Rick's relationship to Morty suggest Morty wasn't missing out on the experiences. Essentially, theorists posit that Morty will eventually share all of Rick's experiences because they are the same person. That's right, there's a Rick and Morty fan theory that suggests Morty is actually 14-year-old Rick. 

Although this theory explains a few things (like the similarities between the characters in speech and personality), it also raises a lot of questions (like if Morty is Rick, then who is Morty's real grandpa? And why do they have different names if they're the same person?). To find these answers and more, check out all these reasons why Rick and Morty are definitely the same person. 

  • Rick Is Totally Desensitized, And Morty Is Following In His Footsteps

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    Ever since the pilot episode, Rick has been putting Morty into some pretty ridiculous situations. Morty has buried his own corpse, forced an entire civilization into slave labor, and once kicked a jelly bean’s ass because it tried to rape him. Rick is generally unfazed by these things. He’s seen all of the crazy, f*cked up stuff the multiverse has to offer, and he’s slowly exposing Morty to it one adventure at a time.

    This explains why Rick is literally never shocked by anything in the multi-verse. He’s literally seen all of it before, when he was a kid adventuring with his “grandfather.”

  • The Mega Seeds Scene Indicates That Rick Has Experienced The Same Thing Before When He Was Younger

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    Remember, in the pilot episode, when Rick has Morty cram those Mega Seeds waaaay up his butt and they granted him “temporary” super intelligence? In the same episode, Rick said he’s done the same thing so many times, the seeds just fall out now.

    What if Rick's “grandfather" taught him how to smuggle them when he was a kid, and he continued to do so for years, until eventually it left him very smart and very loose, relying on his own “grandson” to pick up where he left off? 

  • Rick Has A Box In The Garage Labeled 'Time Travel Stuff'

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    In multiple episodes, a box labeled "Time Travel Stuff" can be seen in the garage. Clearly, Rick has some experience with time travel, but how come we never see him use any of his “Time Travel Stuff?” One theory suggests that Rick is currently traveling through time while adventuring with Morty, which explains why he never takes Morty though time.

    Traveling through time with different versions of the same person, from two different periods of time could have disastrous effects. This could also be why Rick tells Morty, “You killed us,” in the episode, "A Rickle in Time."

  • Rick Always Saves Morty

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    Sure, there’s bound to be an inherent bond between grandfather and grandson, but in the pilot episode, Rick drunkenly stumbles into Morty’s room, takes him for a ride in his flying vehicle, and tells him he’s going to drop a bomb and create a fresh start. Why is Rick so willing to kill his daughter, his granddaughter, and literally everyone else on the planet, but is so intent on saving Morty? Especially when Rick just recently returned to the family.

    It’s not like they’ve had 100 years of adventures together yet - at this point, all they’ve done is try to smuggle the Mega Seeds through customs. An explanation for Rick's motivations could be that Morty is actually Rick, so Rick wants to save his younger self.