Total Nerd Every Rick & Morty Universe (So Far)  

Coy Jandreau
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Adult Swim's Rick and Morty is huge. The scope of this cartoon is so large, it's hard to even quantify. While most cartoons take place within a fairly reasonable space say, New York City, the houses and backyards of the suburbs, or even a pineapple under the sea, Rick and Morty expands well beyond that. It goes farther and stretches beyond of the far-reaching sci-fi universe of Futurama or the sprawling Springfield of The Simpsons.

The show does this by having an infinite number of timelines, in an infinite number of dimensions while visiting an infinite number of universes. Sound confusing? Don't worry, they switch the home base timeline halfway through the first season, so there is no standard. To top that off, the timeline goes both ways backwards and forward through time in this dimension or any other in the endless multiverse. Sounds crazy to try and keep track of all of these universes doesn't it?

We did it anyway. With this is list of every Rick and Morty universe (so far), you can quantify the unquantifiable and rank the many, many worlds, dimensions, and mini-verses featured on Rick and Morty. Vote up your favorite universes and be sure to wubba lubba dub dub!
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3,069 689
The dimension where chairs use pizzas as phones, eat phones as pizzas, and sit on people

1,850 508
The alternate timeline where Rick and Morty die while fixing the Ionic Defibulizer (the universe the show currently takes place in)

2,170 638
The world where Ball Fondlers is a popular TV show

2,039 606
The dimension where Rick invented the slow clap, has a scar, and is controlled by a genius version of Morty

1,721 539
A version of Earth with a giant telepathic spiders, 11 9/11s, and the multiverse's best ice cream

1,959 626
The universe that includes the film Two Brothers

1,468 454
Earth C-137 (the universe Rick & Morty abandoned after Cronenberging everyone)

1,487 492
The world that has a door store with a really long commercial

1,362 444
The universe inside Roy

1,251 431
The Micro-Verse

1,414 505
The universe where Garfield is Gazorpazorpfield

1,243 445
The world where everything is on fire and one guy has ants in his eyes

1,161 424
Alpha-Betrium (the home of Ice-T)

1,097 405
The “Cronenberg” universe where everyone was turned into normal humans

881 322
The dimension where the Council of Ricks meet

1,007 387
The world of popular cop show Baby Legs

809 303
J19Zeta (the dimension of Doofus Rick)

751 284
The universe where planets to compete in an inter-dimensional music competition

809 313
The dimension where Rick is the “scientist formerly known as Rick" (and he was murdered)

980 396
The inter-dimensional asteroid home of Jerryboree

825 322
The world where people have hamsters living in their butts

778 301
The world in which SNL’s cast consists of impossible creatures, inanimate objects, and Bobby Moynihan

890 358
The reverse height reality where Tyrion's taller than everyone on Game of Thrones

881 354
The world where man vs. car is a major sporting event

957 391
The universe where dogs rule the Earth