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Fun Facts About The Voices Of 'Rick And Morty'

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Rick and Morty has spawned a rabid fan base and created a sprawling sci-fi mythology, neither of which could have been accomplished without its voice cast. The Adult Swim animated series was met with immediate critical acclaim upon its debut and has only grown more popular since. What could have been little more than an easy spoof of Back to the Future turned into a strange combination of science fiction adventure, sharp satire, and sophisticated storytelling.

Much of the show’s success is owed to the performances of its principal cast. Co-creator Justin Roiland voices the two title characters, and he's joined by Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Summer Grammer as the rest of the Smith clan.Together, these actors have created a family that is wacky, yet also dark. From Roiland’s absurdly cynical take on the alcoholic Rick to Parnell’s hopelessly ineffectual Jerry, each actor vividly brings each animated character to aural life. If you're finding yourself missing these characters, watch more shows like Rick and Morty.

That's why there's a list of the most interesting facts about the voices behind Rick and Morty’s ensemble. Vote up the ones that you find the most interesting, and remember: Wubalubadubdub!


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