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The Most Low-Key Cold-Blooded Things Rick Sanchez Has Done On ‘Rick And Morty’

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Rick might be the smartest man in the multiverse, but he's also one of the most demented. Rick lives in a world of high stakes and high rewards, and he's definitely open to cracking a few eggs in order to make his science-omelette. The ends always justify the means in Rick's mind, even if the means end up destroying entire planets in the process. 

Throughout the series, Rick has done a lot of objectively horrible things. He's not known for beating around the bush or being subtle about his opinions, and his actions speak even louder than his words. Sometimes he can be a bit passive-aggressive though, so he's not above being low-key in his debauchery either. He's open to casually exploiting an entire universe at once or even cloning his loved ones and exploiting them. This is a breakdown of Rick's most low-key cold-blooded acts in Rick and Morty, ranked by how subtly evil they are. 

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