Mind-Boggling Riddles From TV Shows

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Vote up the riddles seen on television shows that are the cleverest and most satisfying to solve.

People have been enjoying riddles since at least ancient Babylon. Nearly every time period and culture has had its share of brain teasers, puzzles, and word games. Those mental gymnastics have made their way into modern times with crossword puzzles, sudoku, video games, and beyond. They even show up in our entertainment.

Television shows employ riddles for many reasons. Sometimes they're a part of a lesson in an educational program, or someting a character must learn. Sometimes a character speaks in riddles to be mysterious. Or perhaps characters find themselves in an escape room and have to solve riddles as part of the game.

The main reason riddles keep showing up on TV is probably because they're fun, and we like trying to solve them. Here are some of our favorite mind-boggling riddles from TV shows.

  • 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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    There are 12 men on an island. Eleven weigh exactly the same amount, but one of them is slightly lighter or heavier. You must figure out which. The island has no scales, but there is a seesaw. You can only use it three times.



    Use the see-saw to weigh islanders 1-4 against 5-8. This could have three possible outcomes:

    • 1-4 are the same weight as 5-8
    • 1-4 are heavier than 5-8
    • 1-4 are lighter that 5-8

    If 1-4 are heavier, we know one of the islanders in 1-4 are heavier, or that one of the islanders in 5-8 are lighter. Also, we would know islanders 9-12 are the standard weight, neither heavier nor lighter.

    Now weigh 1, 2, and 5 against 3, 6, and 9. If the scale tips in the same direction as before, we know either 1 or 2 is heavier or 6 is light. Now weigh 1 against 2. Whichever side goes down is heavier. If neither goes down, 6 is the lighter.

    If on the second weighing, the see-saw tips in the other direction, then either 3 is heavier or 5 is lighter. Weigh 5 against 12. If it goes up, 5 is lighter; if not, 3 is heavier. If the balance of the second weighing is even, then we know from the first weighing that either 4 was heavier or 7 or 8 was lighter.  Now weigh 7 against 8.  If one side goes up, that is the heavier one; if they are even, 4 is the heavier one.

  • Riddle:

    What's weightless, can be seen by the naked eye, and when put in a barrel makes it lighter?



    A hole.

  • 3
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    You wake up in the morning. Your paint's peeling, your curtains are gone, and the water is boiling. Which problem do you deal with first?



    None of them. Your house is on fire.

  • 'Batman: The Animated Series'
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    I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness; I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes; I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres – what am I?



    A human brain, which has billions of optic and auditory nerves, four lobes and two hemispheres.