Ride Along Movie Quotes

"Ride Along" movie quotes tell the story of one man, looking to get the blessing to marry a cop's sister, who goes on a crazy ride along to prove himself worthy. The comedy movie was directed by Tim Story using a screenplay by Greg Coolidge, Jason Mantzoukas, Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. "Ride Along" opened in theaters on January 17, 2014.

In "Ride Along," Ben (Kevin Hart) is a small-time security guard in love with Angela (Tika Sumpter). While Ben wants nothing more than to ask Angela to marry him, he knows that before he can do that, he must ask Angela's brother, James, for his blessing. That's easier said than done as James is a no-nonsense Atlanta Police Detective.

So to prove that Ben is man enough to marry Angela, James decides to bring Ben on a ride along. As one could expect the humor follows as Ben tries his best to not only get through the night but also prove that he is worthy to marry Angela, all under the watchful eye of James.

"Ride Along" hits theaters just in time for Oscar contention but don't be surprised if it's overshadowed by other films such as "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, "The Wolf of Wall Street, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" "Her," "American Hustle," "Saving Mr. Banks," August: Osage County, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," "Dallas Buyers Club," "Philomena, "Inside Llewyn Davis," "Grudge Match, "Out of the Furnace," "12 Years a Slave," "Frozen," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Don Jon," "Rush, and "Prisoners".

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    It's Her Brother

    It's Her Brother
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    Ben: "To say that I'm crazy about you doesn't do my feelings any justice. I adore you. I'm devoted to you. You would make me the luckiest man on the planet if you would be my wife."
    Lunch lady: "Meh"
    Ben: "What does that mean?"
    Lunch lady: "You get her father's blessing yet?"
    Ben: "No, it's not her father. It's her brother."
    [Ben sees a white male atop a table]
    Ben: "Hey, get down, boy! You got two seconds before I get involved. You're white! You're white! You don't fight!"

    Before proposing to girlfriend, Angela, Ben practices his speech for a lunch lady where Ben works as a security guard. The lunch lady points out one important step that he hasn't taken yet: asking for the blessing.
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    Sir Scream-a-Lot

    Sir Scream-a-Lot
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    Ben: "You want the hammer? Then go get the hammer!"
    James: "Okay, enough of that nasty!"
    [Ben screams, crashes into a table and passes out]
    Angela: "Now don't screw this up for me! I love him!"
    Ben: [waking up] "Hey"
    James: "Oh, damn, it's Sir Scream-A-Lot!"
    Ben: "I was responding to a hostile situation, James."
    James: "That was a high-pitched scream."
    Ben: "James, you know what? You…" [turns away and whispers to Angela] "Is he still staring? Make him stop."

    Ben thinks he is about to get lucky with girlfriend Angela but they are interrupted by her brother James. Ben tries to play all tough but that doesn't last long.
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    He Shot Me!

    He Shot Me!
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    James: "Now you tell me what I need to know!"
    Jay: "I ain't telling you nothing!"
    Ben: "Tell me where the body is!" [accidentally shoots Jay]
    Jay: "He shot me!"
    James: "Yeah, he shot your ass!"
    Ben: "You're damn right I shot your ass!"

    It doesn't take long to prove that the decision to give Ben a gun was not a wise one. He shoots Jay accidentally but thankfully for Ben, James plays along as if it was done intentionally. Jay is not amused either way.
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    Show Me That You're Worthy

    Show Me That You're Worthy
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    Ben: "James, I wanted your blessing in asking your sister to marry me."
    James: "Show me that you're worthy of her."
    Ben: "How am I supposed to do that?"
    James: "I'mma take you on a ride along."
    Ben: "Hell yeah!"

    Ben gets serious for a minute when asking James if he can propose to James's sister Angela. James needs to know Ben is man enough first and has the perfect idea on how to determine that: a ride along.