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The Most Ridiculous Future Fashions In '80s Films

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Some of the silliest, most over-the-top futuristic fashion came from '80s movies. From major hits like Star Wars and Aliens to lesser-known B-movies like Ice Pirates and Galaxina, the decade played host to a plethora of films that didn’t even try to get it right - and that’s what's so fun about it! Some of these sci-fi duds are so cool, you may want to try them out for yourselves. These sci-fi flicks took their artistic licenses and ran with them, often to some truly ridiculous places.

  • In this time-traveling '80s classic, the rad dudes get a peek at the future to learn that their band Wyld Stallyns has saved the world.

    The supreme beings who share the news rock big, robot-like sunglasses, and oversized, silver-lined shiny robes with cinched waists and massive shoulder pads - classic 2688 utopian-chic.

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  • In this sci-fi adventure, rival families duke it out over a substance that allows prescience and lightspeed travel. Characters in the desert don moisture-preserving stillsuits, which resemble lean, fitted, full-body, puffy jackets. Nobles sport luxurious capes. And Sting wears a structured, winged blue Speedo.

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  • Ming the Merciless, the villain in the epic camp-fest Flash Gordon, sports a thoroughly ridiculous shiny black helmet. The piece is close-cropped and built into an Eddie Munster-style widow’s peak.

    It may not do much good as a helmet, but it is a statement piece.

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  • Saturn 3 takes itself somewhat seriously, despite having a robot antagonist with abs.

    Farrah Fawcett is in all her big-haired glory, rocking a black Barbarella-style get-up with thigh-high stockings and gigantic silver shoulders. Space-age slayings, mayhem, and shoulder pads!

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