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The Most Over-The-Top Celebrity Baby And Gender Reveals

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Celebrities! They're just like us! They have children! They announce their pregnancies! But they do it slightly more ostentatiously than us commoners. Famous folk are prone to over-the-top celebrity baby reveals, and gender reveals have now become all the rage, particularly on social media. Elaborate celebrity pregnancy announcements are infinitely more interesting than those from boring, non-famous Debra on Facebook. No one cares about your baby, Debra! People only care about Beyoncé's twins!  

Check out these amazing celebrity pregnancy announcements and vote up the one that you think is the most over-the-top. 

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    Beyoncé Performed Her First Reveal At The 2011 VMAs

    Nobody does it better than Beyoncé. That's why she makes the list twice. No other celebrity's Instagram post is even on this level: who but Beyoncé could roll up to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and deliver a banging performance of "Love on Top" before popping open a glittery purple blazer and showing off a baby bump?


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    Does anyone do a pregnancy announcement like Beyoncé? Was anyone even pregnant before Beyoncé? She's rewritten the rules on how to give birth and gave us a masterclass in opulent announcements with this incredible Instagram post. Is she in the Garden of Eden? Does that blue veil mean she's the Mother of God? We'd all believe it if that were the case!  

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    Reality television stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag kept up a steady stream of baby teasers prior to their 2017 due date including a babymoon and a paintball excursion to the beach to reveal the baby's gender (the paint was blue). Only a few weeks before their son Gunner was born, soon-to-be dad Spencer posted this glamorous photo of their little monarchy along with the caption: "Winter is Coming."

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    Kirsten Dunst posed for the Rodarte lookbook in early 2018, and the photos doubled as official confirmation of her pregnancy.

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