15 Parents Reveal The Most Ridiculous Meltdowns Their Kids Ever Had To Prepare You For The Worst

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Parents: vote up the worst meltdowns you wouldn't want to deal with.

Kids are just little human beings who don't know how to regulate their emotions. Which means every parent probably has a few meltdown stories. If you're a new parent or just thinking about becoming one some day, read on to learn what to expect when you have kids.

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    They Didn't Understand Why They Couldn't Move Their Hand

    From Redditor u/punkwalrus:

    At about age 2, he was trying to get out of his bed, put his hand on the wall, then put his other hand over it, and tried to remove his first hand. The weight/push force of his second hand kept his first hand pinned to the wall. He started screaming in terror, pushing back with all his might... on top of his first hand. I had to grab his second hand, then yank his first hand free.

    He was inconsolable for a while.

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    Their Brother Looked At Them And Then Their Brother DIDN'T Look At Them

    From Redditor u/SignificantView1671:

    I have two.

    His brother looked at him.

    His brother didn't look at him.

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    They Didn't Want "Long Shaped" Food

    From Redditor u/terminator_chic:

    He didn't want long food. No food that was a long shape whatsoever. It was an interesting phase.

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    Their Brother Ate Their Imaginary Apple

    From Redditor u/orangepurge:

    Because his brother ate the imaginary apple he was holding.

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    They Didn't Want To Go To McDonald's

    From Redditor u/zerby:

    A full on screaming temper tantrum because he didn't want to go to McDonald's with us. It was STUPID we're not going to STUPID MCDONALDS!!! Then as soon as we finished going through the drive thru, through tears he asked for his chicken nuggets and contentedly ate his happy meal soon after. Toddlers are weird man.

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    They Didn't Want School To Be Over

    From Redditor u/andiwowow:

    School was over. That was completely unacceptable. 4yo straight up starfishes himself on the path where the entire school had to step over/around him screaming about how he doesn’t want to go home. It made me look like the best parent in the world.

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