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13 People Who Died In Ways So Ridiculous It's Almost Funny

Death is a pretty serious subject... most of the time. It may feel pretty dark to admit it, but sometimes things happen and we end up with demises that are funny. Call it cruel, call it morbid humor, or just call it macabre, but it's hard to deny that sometimes lives end in ways that are so ironic or absurd, it's hard not to stifle a chuckle. 

  • A Man Took So Much Viagra That His Heart Gave Out

    Sergey Tuganov made a bet with two female acquaintances in 2009 that he could continue to satisfy them for 12 hours straight. They took the bet, and a wild night began.

    In order to be sure he would win, Sergey downed an entire bottle of Viagra pills before he set to work. He won the bet, but as soon as he stopped, he collapsed. The paramedics were called, but it was too late. His heart had quit due to the large amount of pills, as well as the strain of non-stop intimate activity for 12 hours.

  • A Man Shot A Cactus - Then The Cactus Fell On Him

    In 1982, a pair of friends were wandering the deserts of Arizona. The two men decided it might be fun to start firing on the Saguaro cactuses that littered the landscape around them. One of the friends, David Grundman, began blasting the cactuses so many times the plants fell over. However, as he hit one cactus from ten feet away, one of the arms of the cactus broke off and went flying. It fell on Grundman, ending his life.

  • A Teen Used Too Much Deodorant

    A 16-year-old boy in Folkestone, England, had become obsessed with smelling good and was hoarding spray-on deodorant for that purpose. He would use cans and cans of the stuff every day, until eventually it took its toll on him. The boy was found in his room, having succumbed to butane gas inhalation. In short, he sprayed his body with so much deodorant that he couldn't get enough oxygen.

  • Two Friends Decided To Play Catch With A Rattlesnake

    In 1995, a pair of friends in Alabama were drinking heavily. Junior Bright and Joe Buddy Caine came across a four-foot rattlesnake and decided to pick the creature up. They then began tossing the snake back and forth in an ill-conceived game of catch. The snake bit Bright on the hand, and then when Caine tried to off it, it bit him as well. When paramedics arrived, they were both semiconscious and Caine went into cardiac arrest. He passed on the way to the hospital.