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Laughably Bad Bootleg Dragon Ball Z Merch

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A bigger disaster than a hungry Majin Buu, bootleg Dragon Ball Z merchandise takes a Saiyan fist to your love of the series and subsequently shatters it. 

Thanks to Tumblr blogs like Ugly DBZ Merch, buyers like you can now indulge in the DBZ universe's less fine but much funnier collectibles. Shenron the dragon loses his regality while Piccolo gets mistaken for another famous green figure. 

As seen with shameless Pokémon ripoffs, Dragon Ball Z ripoff products don't care about copyright infringement. If anything, they want you to share their terrible products with the world; that way at least someone might buy them.

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    Gonna Get His Swamp Back

    Photo: Ugly DBZ Merch / Tumblr
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    When You're About To Have A Cameo In 'One Piece'

    Photo: Taylor the Wolf / Tumblr
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    Orange You Glad He Wore This Top?

    Photo: Ugly DBZ Merch / Tumblr
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    Super Saiyans Hit Springfield

    Photo: Ugly DBZ Merch / Tumblr
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