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As of April 26, 2016, it was announced that Skip Bayless was leaving ESPN for FS1. The master of early morning hot takes didn't renew his contract, but don't you fret, Skip Bayless' bad predictions will never die! If you are a sports fan of senseless hot takes and unbelievably bold opinions, then @RealSkipBayless is a must-follow for you on Twitter.

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Skip Bayless Says Kevin Durant Is Not A Top 5 NBA Player

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Skip Bayless believes Russell Westbrook is the "Batman" of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Durant is the "Robin." This was in 2014, yet Bayless said Durant wasn't a "great" player. Durant was the 2014 NBA MVP.
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Skip Bayless Says He'd Rather Have Tebow In Crunch Time Than Rodgers

In 2011, Bayless said he's prefer Tebow late in a game over Aaron Rodgers. While Tebow is now out of the NFL, Super Bowl XLV MVP Rodgers has continued to be one of, if not the very best quarterback in the league.
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Skip Bayless Says A Healthy Peyton Manning Is No Better Than Tim Tebow

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In 2012, Skip said that Peyton and Tebow were comparable in abilities, which is actually hilarious. It's almost unclear if he even believes what he's saying, as he wears a troll-like smirk throughout the segment.

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Skip Isn't Sure Andrew Luck Has Tebow's "It-Factor"

Luck is in the league, Tebow isn't, and Luck has proven to be capable when healthy, whereas Tebow's inconsistence has led to teams being unwilling to take a chance on him.
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