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The Most Ridiculous Skip Bayless Tweets & Sound Bites

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As of April 26, 2016, it was announced that Skip Bayless was leaving ESPN for FS1. The master of early morning hot takes didn't renew his contract, but don't you fret, Skip Bayless' bad predictions will never die! If you are a sports fan of senseless hot takes and unbelievably bold opinions, then @RealSkipBayless is a must-follow for you on Twitter.

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    Skip Talks About How Good He Was At High School Basketball

    Video: YouTube
    Jalen Rose later revealed that Skip averaged 1.4 points on his high school team senior year, despite having exaggerated his basketball career in the past, claiming to have been a pretty significant prospect in his younger days.
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    Skip Bayless Says He'd Take Josh Freeman Over Cam Newton

    In November of 2012, Skip said Freeman was more appealing than Newton longterm. As of right now, Newton is the reigning NFL MVP, and Josh Freeman isn't currently signed to a roster.
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    Skip Bayless Didn't Believe In Von Miller

    In 2011, Skip believed the Denver Broncos success was mostly a result of Tim Tebow, and he also labeled future Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller "overrated."
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    Skip Bayless On Quarterbacks In The 2012 NFL Draft

    In 2014, Skip said he'd still draft RG3, Luck, then Wilson. The person he'd take last, Wilson, is the only one of those players who has gone to and won a Super Bowl, and Luck has had more success than RG3 thus far, so he really got this one perfectly wrong.
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