People Reveal The Harshest, Most Ridiculous Rules In Their Workplace  

Samantha Dillinger
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Heading into a day-to-day job can occasionally get under people's skin. Most can usually overcome this annoyance by finding enjoyment in what they do, befriending their coworkers, or enjoying the job's benefits. But some places go beyond the occasional bother and create a nightmare scenario in which bosses and managers institute ridiculous rules.

Maybe it's something as simple - yet frustrating - as a dress code, or maybe it's something far stranger, like forbidding coworkers from interacting outside of work. Here are some stories from disgruntled workers who had to put up with ridiculous rules in the workplace.

Coworkers Weren't Allowed To Talk Outside Of Work

From Redditor /u/JennLegend3:

Not my current job but I used to work for some [strange] people.

  • You had to stand in a specific area while eating so they could see you on the camera
  • Don't talk to customers longer than 3 minutes unless you're making a big sale, even then, keep it short
  • Answer the phone within 2 rings, keep the conversation to less than 30 seconds
  • You can't talk to your coworkers outside of work
  • You can't talk to your coworkers while at work, even if there was not a single customer in the store

I'm sure there's more I just can't think of right now.

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Pens From The Supply Closet Were Only Available With The Out-Of-State Boss's Permission

From Redditor /u/NicolasCage4eva:

I once needed a pen. Figured this was a reasonable ask. Went to the supply closet on my floor, which was locked. Asked the floor's admin, she told me to go to the main supply room in the basement. Went to the basement and explained my situation of needing a pen. They told me all requests for supplies must be approved by my department head. Problem is, being new, I'd never met my department head. She also worked in San Francisco (I worked in Milwaukee), so I needed to send an email both introducing myself, and asking her if I had permission to get a pen from the supply closet.

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Employees Weren't Allowed To Look Out Windows

From a former Reddit user:

Two weeks after I left my previous job, a memo went round saying people aren't allowed to look out of the windows at work anymore.

It's a big *ss glass building.

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A Boss Limited How Much Water Employees Could Drink At Work

From Redditor /u/X0AN:

I used to work at a place in which my boss implemented a no more than 2 glasses a day water policy.

What a c*nt. I ignored this rule and complained directly to our CEO and the matter ended later that day.

What was weird though was the majority of people actually followed the rule and some even shopped me up to HR about "breaking the rules."

I left not long after that because not only was my boss a bellend, but if my colleagues were going to HR over me drinking water, then I obviously couldn't trust them.

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