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Vote up the sentence-enders that you think properly describe Rihanna and downvote ones you find unfair or wrong.

Rihanna is without a doubt one of the most iconic pop stars of her generation — there are few names more recognizable than hers in all of rap and hip-hop. Over the last decade, she's delivered a huge variety of hits, including searing ballads like "Stay," high-energy club anthems like "We Found Love," hard-hitting trap beats like "B*tch Better Have My Money," and dancehall jams like "Rude Boy." She's had romances with stars like Drake, Leonardo DiCapro, and J.R. Smith, she's released a very successful makeup line with Fendi, and she's acted in movies like Ocean's 8Battleship, and Annie. There's very little in this world that Rihanna hasn't accomplished, and she isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

But has RiRi's time at the top come to an end? Should mainstays like her and Beyoncé move aside for a new generation, or do we need them now more than ever? Would you want to be best friends with Rihanna in real life, or does she seem like too much for you to handle? Should she continue to pursue acting, or should she stick to singing? Let us know how you feel by voting on this list!

Vote up the sentence endings that you think define Rihanna best, and vote down the ones you don't feel are fair or accurate.

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  • A Fashion Icon
    115 votes

    A Fashion Icon

  • A Hard Worker
    122 votes

    A Hard Worker

  • Unbelievably Beautiful
    122 votes

    Unbelievably Beautiful

  • An All-Time Great
    114 votes

    An All-Time Great

  • A Terrific Singer
    111 votes

    A Terrific Singer

  • A Feminist
    109 votes

    A Feminist