Thanks To Home Video Surveillance, Here Are Criminals Urinating On Private Property  

Ryan Carlquist
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When nature calls, it's time to find the nearest bathroom. It's never acceptable to just "go" whenever you feel the need, and it's not exactly proper to relieve yourself on someone else's property. These incidents usually go unreported, mainly because the perpetrator is buttoned back up and out of the area in a few minutes. If you know about Ring, however, you're familiar with the idea that any doorbell might feature a Ring camera built into the panel, so you can see anything that happens around your front door, including anyone who happens to answer nature's call.

And thanks to Ring's popular Neighbors app, homeowners are now able to send video evidence to authorities, as well as neighbors, to identify these tinkling offenders. 

If you were ever one to "go with the flow," these videos of people caught with their pants around their ankles might dissuade you from doing so in the future.

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