Total Nerd Reasons Why We're Sure Jaime Lannister Is Going To Die Soon  

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Yep! You guessed it. SPOILERS.  

Will Jaime in Game of Thrones die soon? We’ve been having some feelings about it this season, more than other seasons. He’s been on one fool’s errand after another and it seems like he’s about to get some long overdue Stark justice in the form of the very sword he gave to Brienne. Or not.  

The whole Riverrun (Brynden "Blackfish" Tully is refusing to hand over the castle and bend the knee to the current king on the Iron Throne) situation seems rather distracting in a show that is coming to conclusions left and right, and with short remaining seasons on the horizon. If we see a character or a plot development at this point, chances are it has weight and meaning.  

The Tully stand-off with the Freys and Lannisters doesn’t seem like it’s about the Blackfish having a meet with Jaime—sieges are long and boring. And think about it: is whether Edmure Tully lives or dies all that important to GoT viewers? Nope, something is up. And it very well could mean Jaime is doing to die. Or we’re going to die a little bit on the inside from boredom if this siege thing doesn’t pay off.  

Who wants Jaime Lannister dead? Bran? Lady Stoneheart? Daenerys? The High Sparrow? All of those small folk who know that the current king is a bastard? People who blame him for putting Joffrey on the planet? Jaime may be on the road to redemption, but it’s riddled with enemies who would have no problem picking him off.  

How is Jaime Lannister going to die? Probably when he’s made his final atonement and things are looking up. Because that’s how it goes in this universe.
He’s Been on the Wrong Side the Whole Time
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Most importantly, Jaime has been on the wrong side of the Starks. If you do something bad to a Stark, you’re going to pay. It may take a while, but it’s coming. 
He Pushed the Three-Eyed Raven Out of a Window
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He thought he was pushing a 10-year-old boy out of a window, but imagine the look on his face when he finds out who Bran really is. If Jaime lives that long. Jaime has been part of Bran’s prophecy, and that push seemed to kick off Bran’s warging abilities.

Will Jaime be forgiven by the Old Gods? Or just crushed on the way to the conclusion of the bigger story? 

Death by Edmure Tully
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You don’t hire a guy like Menzies to show up and have a knife put to his throat and give him nothing to say. Oh no. Otherwise, you get an up and comer to look desperate. There’s a huge possibility that for all of Jaime’s treatment of Edmure, he’ll find himself on the business end of a Tully dagger or even his own sword. Through the back, no less. Karma's a b*tch. 
Kingslayer Karma
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Jaime is a tortured soul. He gets called “Kingslayer” a lot, but it truly seems to bother him that he stabbed Aerys II Targaryen in the back. He kind of had no choice. Aerys had been on a spree, murdering everyone that opposed him or whomever the voice in his head told him to. Despite being advised not to by Varys and Jaime, Aerys opened the gates of the city to Tywin Lannister.  
Jaime knew just how much of a bad guy his own father was. As the Lannister army sacked the city, leaving it open for Robert Baratheon, the Mad King screamed for Tywin’s head and for his pyromancers to “Burn them all!”—he wanted them set off all of the wildfire placed around King’s Landing. Jaime killed the pyromancers, then turned to Aerys. He had to put the mad man down. If Aerys hadn’t tried to run, Jaime would have ran him through with his sword, face to face. Aerys thought he would live through the fire and rise like a fireproof Targaryen dragon lord. Jaime cut his throat to make sure he didn't.
Even though Jaime truly saved the city and his father’s life, he killed Daenerys’s father. Will he pay for that? If Dany gets to Westeros before Jaime dies by another means, probably.