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What The Riverdale Actors Look Like Vs How The Characters Look In The Comics

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Riverdale has become a TV phenomenon, filling a pervasive need for dramatic, high school-centric eye candy. Based on the classic Archie comics but updated in an darker style more aligned with Twin Peaks than its illustrated counterpart, the CW series has turned out to be a resounding success for its network.

Everyone's familiar with Archie's iconic red hair, but do you know how the rest of the Riverdale actors originally looked as comic book characters? Even the comics themselves have changed and been updated over the years since, after all, they were first published in 1939. But aside from CW making everyone look finer than an average high schooler ever is in real life, there are some interesting updates to the Riverdale version of Archie comics, and a few spots of perfect casting.

Check out this list of Riverdale actors lined up against their comic book characters and see how loyal to aesthetic The CW has been with their hot new series. And then make sure to check out these other shows like Riverdale!

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    Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick)

    Comics Alice: Betty's mom has always been a smiling, supportive blonde with flowing hair and bright clothes.

    TV Alice: A spot-on choice for casting, and the wardrobe certainly matches. But there's more to Alice than meets the eye, and she gets a darker, controlling makeover in the CW edition, quite a contrast to her always-positive daughter.

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    Dilton Doiley (Daniel Yang)

    Comics Dilton: A goofy, spectacled nerd who loves science.

    TV Dilton: Pretty much a match, albeit toned down. The glasses and look are close, even if the clothes aren't so goofy. He's a serious scientist, guys. And in keeping with the hot teen aesthetic of the show, he's not that silly-looking either.

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    Midge Klump (Emilija Baranac)

    Comics Midge: A brightly-clad girl with short, raven hair and a penchant for pink clothes. She dates the school jock, Moose.

    TV Midge: Introduced in the second season of the show, she looks like she stepped right off the page of the comic itself. And just like in the comics, she's Moose's girlfriend.

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    Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch)

    Comics Cheryl: An occasional cameo in the Archie comics series, she has bright red hair and piercing eyes, and is a socialite on par with Veronica Lodge. They're all casual friends.

    TV Cheryl: She starts out the series as a tormented, evil villainous, and it only gets more complex from there. She's a much darker counterpart to her comics original, and her muted red hair and bright red lipstick is a more luxury-gothic interpretation than the bouncy Cheryl you knew previously.

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