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What The Riverdale Actors Look Like Vs How The Characters Look In The Comics

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Riverdale has become a TV phenomenon, filling a pervasive need for dramatic, high school-centric eye candy. Based on the classic Archie comics but updated in an darker style more aligned with Twin Peaks than its illustrated counterpart, the CW series has turned out to be a resounding success for its network.

Everyone's familiar with Archie's iconic red hair, but do you know how the rest of the Riverdale actors originally looked as comic book characters? Even the comics themselves have changed and been updated over the years since, after all, they were first published in 1939. But aside from CW making everyone look finer than an average high schooler ever is in real life, there are some interesting updates to the Riverdale version of Archie comics, and a few spots of perfect casting.

Check out this list of Riverdale actors lined up against their comic book characters and see how loyal to aesthetic The CW has been with their hot new series. And then make sure to check out these other shows like Riverdale!

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    Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway)

    Comics Chuck: As square-jawed an athlete as you could find. A good-looking, minor character who fills out the halls of Riverdale High and adds an element of diversity that started trickling into the comics in the 2010s.

    TV Chuck: Perfect casting choice here; that jaw could cut glass. Unfortunately, he turns out to be quite a jerk and womanizer in the TV series.


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    Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald)

    Comics Mary: A friendly, curvy mother who takes good care of her husband Fred and her rambunctious son Archie. He gets his red hair from her.

    TV Mary: The quintessential red-haired '80s icon as Archie's divorced, long-distance is about as perfect a casting choice as you could find, and about as far away a match to the original character, too. In a good way.

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  • Comics Betty: A blonde, pony-tailed girl in chic-but-not-expensive clothes. She's constantly lovesick for Archie, but more often than not playing third wheel to Veronica.

    TV Betty: A spot-on recreation of her comic counterpart, at least visually. But in Riverdale she's a much more independent feminist. And, while still best friends with Archie, in the show she dates Jughead. That would NEVER happen in comics-land.

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  • Comics Veronica: Dark hair, red lipstick, expensive clothing a few cuts above what the average high schooler is wearing, and her attitude's the sultry, sassy version of Betty's sweet. She has money and knows how to use it.

    TV Veronica: As with Betty, the look is spot-on here. The main trio are all great images of their comic counterparts. Veronica in Riverdale still has money and knows how to use it, but her relationship dynamics with parent figures are different and more complex than in the comics.

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