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Plausible Fan Theories About Riverdale's Murder Mystery

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Riverdale is yet another soapy CW drama featuring attractive high schoolers. But in this show, the world of classic Archie comics gets a campy update that's more Gossip Girl than Happy Days. The Riverdale Archie is much more brooding and mysterious than his comic book inspiration, and the show follows suit with its twisting, David Lynch-inspired mysteries. In short, with Riverdale the CW has created a show that's instantly addictive.

The premise alone will catch your eye: Jason Blossom, the most popular boy in school, has been murdered. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the secrets boiling just under the town’s surface. Like any TV mystery, viewers are beginning to come up with their own ideas about what exactly happened to Jason Blossom. Fan theories about Riverdale range from the plausible (Jason's twin Cheryl killed him) to the outrageous (the whole thing is a set-up for a zombie-themed future season).

Whether Riverdale makes you roll your eyes or scoot to the edge of your seat, it's fun to read some of the craziest fan theories out there. Keep scrolling to discover just what viewers think is happening on this show.

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    The Blossoms Murdered Jason

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    The Blossoms may not have killed Jason directly, but they could have hired someone to do it. Penelope has threatened Cheryl’s life before, and she and her husband seem so tightly wound that it's possible that one or both of them flew off the handle on finding Jason gone.

    Did the parents track down their son and have him killed? Maybe - and it doesn't seem unlike the Blossoms to use Jason's body as a lesson for Cheryl, either.

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    Archie Was The Intended Target All Along

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    Maybe Riverdale's erstwhile central character refuses to take the spotlight because he knows he’s in someone’s crosshairs. After all, he was at Sweetwater River on the day of Jason's murder, too. And as Mrs. Blossom notes, Archie and Jason do kind of look alike. What if Jason simply got caught in the crossfire when someone was actually planning to take out Archie?

    Perhaps Ms. Grundy told the truth about her abusive ex, and he's on the hunt to murder her current lover. Or maybe Ms. Grundy didn’t want Archie around anymore and mistook Jason for him. Either way, it's interesting to consider whether Archie was meant to be murdered all along.

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    Betty’s Mom Murdered Jason

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    Who seems to relish the drama that results from Jason Blossom's murder? Betty’s mom, newspaper editor Alice Cooper. She's shown that she doesn't mind crossing the line to get a story, and that she hates the Blossoms for what Jason did to her daughter Polly. Is it possible that she engineered Jason’s murder for her own personal (and private) gain?

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    Sabrina Will Show Up

    The comparisons between David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and the CW’s Riverdale have run rampant since the show's debut. Both shows take place in small towns, follow kids who are way too adult for their age, and both have something to say about the American Dream.

    But there is one big difference. In Twin Peaks (spoiler alert), the killer was an evil demon. There was a portal to another dimension where people spoke in reverse. In other words, the supernatural existed. That isn’t the case in Riverdale yet. However, should the showrunners want to get a little witchy, Archie Comics already has a built-in candidate: the white-haired witch, Sabrina.

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