RJ Mitte Ranks His All-Time Favorite Breaking Bad Scenes  

Daniel Kohn
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Though he has admitted that he's not the most avid viewer, Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte knows the knows exactly which scenes are his favorites. Unlike viewers, Mitte considers more than just how each scene plays out within an episode and how it impacts the overall Breaking Bad storyline. Instead, he also takes into account the experience of filming each sequence.

As he explains on the Ranker Podcast, Mitte's favorite scenes from his time on the AMC series are the most gut-wrenching for his character, Walt Jr., and were all instances when he had to challenge himself, his fellow actors, and the viewers. If you're a Breaking Bad fan, you should definitely listen to the entire episode above.

Let's get rankin'!

When Walt Jr. Screams at Walt Over the Phone in '"Granite State"
That scene was just so much fun. It was so heartbreaking, people have these conversations with their fathers, maybe not like this. These conversations have happened and have been in the same position as this family, just not to this degree! 
His Scenes in the Pilot Episode
It was my biggest chunk of work throughout the whole show. People, at first, related too much to these characters. This strife, the struggles of what they go through. 
The Walts Have a Heavy Father-Son Talk in "Salud"
It's when I walk in behind him the garage and he's all busted up. The next morning, he ends up talking about dying, thrattling and not wanting to do that. I loved that conversation and I thought it was so well done and a couple of years earlier, I dealt with the same situation with my grandparents, so I was able to utilize that and to make that more real.