The Best @rjoy1919 Videos to Shut the Haters Down 

Ryan Davis
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Let me introduce you to @rjoyourjoy1919. Her name is Joy, she's 47 years old, 108 pounds, lives in Florida, is a controversial yet unrelenting Trump endorser, and has skyrocketed to Internet stardom overnight. What makes Joy such a gem is her absolute refusal to back down to her haters. You could say Joy is a frequent Twitter user. She takes the time to respond to each of her challengers in personalized videos which she then uploads to the site. And if you haven't had the pleasure and privilege of viewing @rjoy1919's videos, you are in for a major treat.

If you're wondering who rjoy1919 really is, then look no further. She's on a one-stop mission to use social media to take down any hater that dares to insult her or her views. If you can forget all her bizarre and concerning enthusiasm for the Trump campaign, Joy is actually quite inspirational. She is fearless when it comes to gutting her haters' arrogance. She isn't opposed to calling anyone a "loser." And who could blame her? Most would succumb to intimidation at the kind of criticism Joy has garnered in a mere matter of weeks. But she doesn't let that get her down. Instead, she rises from the ashes, logs into her Twitter account, uploads videos she takes on her smart phone, and lets the haters balk at her unwavering willingness to rip them apart one-by-one.

If you're feeling skeptical, trust me when I say your life will be reformed, you will feel absolved of all insecurities, you will feel REBORN, after viewing just one of @rjoy1919's inspiring and courageous videos. She is the Internet icon you have been waiting for. And she is here! The world is sleeping on rjoy1919, and it is your duty to share these messages of uncompromising bravery and independence. Take a lesson from Joy, and never back down to your haters. Without further ado, here are all the best times @rjoy1919 videos shut the haters down.
When she flipped off haterz by revealing she's 47 and only 108 lbs.
When she savagely dragged a testy hater and dared them to block her.
When Ellen picked a fight, so Joy threatened to deport her.
When she showed her softer side.