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The Most Memorable Contestants On MTV's 'Road Rules' - Where Are They Now?

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Road Rules was one of the first television shows to successfully blend adventure travel and reality competition to form a revolutionary new hybrid of entertainment. Figure in the abundance of young, attractive castmates who competed on the show during its 14-season run, and you can see why it was a massive hit for MTV.

But what about the Road Rules cast today? A show with so many big personalities means many fans have been curious about what the cast of Road Rules has been up to since the series ended. From TV hosting gigs on major networks to brushes with the law, the cast members' experiences have run the gamut from the glorious to the... not so glorious.

The premise behind Road Rules was relatively simple. Five strangers hop in an RV together; then, with no money or conventional resources, they have to complete a series of missions. Over the years, this premise evolved a bit to make the game more exciting, but the general theme remained the same. There have even been numerous sequels and incarnations of the original, demonstrating the longevity of the show's popularity and appeal.

If you've wondered where else you've seen the cast of Road Rules or what their lives look like now, find out where a few of the show's many interesting players have ended up.

  • Shane Landrum Was Part Of One Of The First Same-Sex Couples To Marry In South Carolina

    Photo: MTV / Instagram

    Shane Landrum was the first openly gay man to compete on Road Rules when he appeared on the show's Campus Crawl season. Like many Road Rules graduates, he's also appeared on several seasons of The Challenge.

    He married his longtime partner after same-sex marriage became legal in South Carolina, but they divorced a couple of years later.

  • Susie Meister Was Diagnosed With PTSD After Her Reality TV Experience

    Photo: MTV / Twitter

    Susie Meister was a cast member on the Down Under season of Road Rules and had a few stints on The Challenge. These experiences were not altogether positive for her, though. She wrote on Medium, "I am among the many who was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety due to my time on the show and a [negative] encounter with a cast member off-set. My psychologist equated the experience of filming the show to the Stanford Prison Experiment, which explored questions of power, [physical distress], and relationships using unethical means."

    Fortunately, Meister has bounced back. She co-hosts the Brain Candy podcast and earned a PhD in religious studies from the University of Pittsburgh. She is married to a crew member she met on The Challenge.

  • Tori Hall Married And Divorced A Fellow Reality TV Star

    Photo: MTV / Twitter

    Tori Hall was a part of the Viewers' Revenge season of Road Rules and followed that up with two stints on The Challenge. She married Brad Fiorenza, an opposing competitor on her first Challenge season.

    The two had two children together before separating in 2017.

  • Rachel Robinson Got Married, Started A Family, And Is A Fitness Guru

    Photo: MTV / Twitter

    Since she appeared on the Campus Crawl season of Road Rules and several seasons of The Challenge, Rachel Robinson got married to beauty entrepreneur Natalie Gee, and the couple had three children together as of December 2018.

    Robinson has also launched her fitness brand and teaches fitness classes in Miami.