All Of Rob Lowe's Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

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With over 700 fans having their say, this list of the best Rob Lowe movies and shows is sure to provide a fun trip down memory lane. Over the course of his career, Rob Lowe has had us laughing out loud with his comedic roles and gasping in horror at some of his more intense performances. His versatility as an actor makes him one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood and it's no surprise that so many people have voted for their favorite films and shows starring this icon.

From comedies like About Last Night and Wayne's World, to dramas such as St. Elmo’s Fire and The Outsiders, there's something here for everyone. He also shone in unforgettable horror flicks like Stephen King’s The Stand or supernatural thrillers such as The Bad Seed. Then of course there are timeless classics like Bad Influence, which showcases Rob Lowe's acting chops.

No matter what kind of movie or show you're looking for, you'll find something here to enjoy on our list. So why not check out these incredible selections from Rob Lowe's filmography? Read through all the entries then vote up your favorites.

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