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All Of Rob Zombie's Cameos, Ranked

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Rob Zombie is a busy guy. When he’s not directing movies like Three From Hell, or crisscrossing the world on tour with his band, he’s making small appearances in his friend’s movies and TV shows. Rob Zombie cameos are hard to catch. In most instances, he doesn’t show his face in the movies in which he’s appearing, and instead opts to do voice work. 

Only a few of Zombie's early cameos have to do with his music. Fans can see the ageless rocker throwing down in Airheads while Chris Farley takes on a couple of bikers, but since then, the singer has moved onto off-camera roles. Even though he's a director in his own right, Zombie only appears in one of his films - he tends to let other people worry about being on camera. 

While he’s made cameos in almost every James Gunn movie as a voice on the end of a telephone or an off-screen navigator, he’s popped up in shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and movies like Slither. Squint your eyes and open your ears for these cameos by Rob Zombie.

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