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Proof Rob Zombie And His Wife Sheri Moon Are Relationship Goals

If you've seen any of Rob Zombie's work in the past three decades, you might have noticed his one constant - and no, it's not creepy stuff or Sid Haig. The answer: his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie. Whether they're working together on a film or one of Zombie's many music videos, these two are inseparable, and the love they have for each other is palpable. 

Most people believe the Zombies are like a real-life, metal version of Morticia and Gomez Addams. This couldn't be further from the truth, however. They live in a suburb of Connecticut, and the most intense part of their combined personalities is their immense passion for creating horror movies. While some consider their art dark and weird, they have a relatively normal, healthy relationship. The Zombies prove you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

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  • They've Been Together For Decades
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    They've Been Together For Decades

    If it feels like these two horror icons have been together forever, it's probably because they've shared more than two decades of their lives with each other. The two got together around 1993 when Zombie was still the frontman for his band, White Zombie.

    As spooky as Zombie appears, Moon says the two went out on regular dates. The young couple had dinner like any other pair, taking walks on the Santa Monica Pier.

  • They Had A Sweet First Date

    In an interview with Girls and Corpses, Moon says that a mutual friend introduced her to Zombie shortly after she moved to California. At the time, she hadn't heard of the heavily tattooed rocker or his band.

    In an interview with the NY Post, Moon admitted that on their first meeting at a club, Toad's Place in New Haven, CT, she gave her future husband a chilly reception. Moon asked Zombie, "I was kinda mean to you the first night we met, right?"

    He answered, "Yes." However, they hit it off with a super simple date. 

    She said, "We had pizza, we talked, and that was it."

  • Moon Has Performed With Zombie Since White Zombie
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    Moon Has Performed With Zombie Since White Zombie

    Once Moon and Zombie became an item, they began working together almost immediately. Moon started dancing for White Zombie on tour, appearing briefly in the "More Human Than Human" video as a blonde bombshell driving a classic Cadillac. She's also in the video for "Feed the Gods" as a go-go dancer.

    When Zombie went solo, Moon followed him, and they continued collaborating. Most notably, she appeared in the "Living Dead Girl" video.

    When Zombie filmed his directorial debut, a horror film that premiered in 2003, he immediately brought Moon on as one of the main characters.

  • They Got Married On Halloween, But Not In An Effort To Be Creepy

    Nine years after the two started dating, wedding bells began to chime. They had planned a wedding, scouting locations and setting a date - November 9 - but then Zombie and Moon decided to elope on October 31.

    According to Zombie, the Halloween nuptials were a mere coincidence. He told the NY Post, "It sounds like we're trying to be all spooky and weird, but that really wasn't the plan." Moon agreed with Zombie, saying:

    That was kinda by accident. We had our wedding date set for November 9. We'd been together for nine years already, and we had the wedding planner and all that stupid stuff, and we were taking a walk in the neighborhood and were like, "Let's just elope." It was the best thing we did. I was so happy.

  • Moon Only Appears In Zombie's Films

    If you sneak a peek at Moon's credits, you may notice she only appears in her husband's films. The two work well together, and Moon adds a lot of creative input to Zombie's scripts. In an interview leading up to the release of 2016's horror-thriller, 31, the actress admitted she used to worry about being labeled the "director's wife."

    However, she got over her fear relatively quickly, as she claimed she enjoys working with her husband. Moon said:

    Honestly, in the beginning I did feel a lot of pressure to live up to a certain expectation, but now I don't care. I don't read reviews. I know I'm doing the best job I can and Rob's happy with it, and that's all that matters. We're making what we want to make and what we think the fans will enjoy. That’s what is important to me.

  • You Can See How Much They Love Each Other In Interviews
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    You Can See How Much They Love Each Other In Interviews

    The cutest moments shared between Zombie and Moon are evident in interviews for their films. The two finish each other's sentences, and Zombie tends to defer to Moon more often than not. For example, while discussing Malcolm McDowell's costume from 31, the Zombies took turns trading details about buying and distressing the garments.

    The two have a captivating dynamic that makes their interviews enjoyable to watch.