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Rob Zombie Is A Vegan Who Absolutely Loves Animals And Champions Their Cause

Updated 25 Sep 2019 13.8k views14 items

The first words that come to mind when mentioning Rob Zombie aren't typically "vegan," "animal lover," and "PETA supporter." As unlikely as it sounds, the filmmaker and frontman of White Zombie identifies with those three labels and doesn't make a secret of it at all. While his persona and aesthetic revolve around horror and gore, Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon spend their free time spreading the word about the food industry's treatment of animals.

The writer and director of gory films such as House of 1000 Corpses and Halloween uses his celebrity to educate others about the impacts of a diet high in meat and other animal products and has even teamed with PETA to detail the horror of a turkey's life before its appearance on the family dinner table. 

Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon practice what they preach, as well, and both have followed a plant-based diet for more than 30 years. The couple also supports organizations like the Puppy Rescue Mission and takes every opportunity to share their compassion for animals with others. Please note that some of the images and videos linked to in this list may be upsetting to some viewers and not safe for work. 

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