The Best Robert De Niro Movies Of All Time

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Over 3,600 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best Robert De Niro movies. From his Oscar-winning role in The Godfather Part 2 to the cult classic Taxi Driver, there's no denying that De Niro has made some of cinema's most memorable performances. From crime thrillers and comedies to drama and action films, De Niro consistently brings a unique intensity and depth to his characters.

One of De Niro’s earliest works is Mean Streets; an iconic film about gangsters in Little Italy directed by Martin Scorsese. This gritty crime drama set the tone for many of his later roles, showing off both his comedic timing as well as range for darker material. Heat stands out as one of the finest examples - a somber yet thrilling cat-and-mouse game between two master criminals played by himself and Al Pacino.

DeNiro can be seen at some of his funniest in Analyze This, playing opposite Billy Crystal while spoofing mobster tropes established decades earlier with Goodfellas. One thing is certain: whether he plays a mob boss or just an "ordinary Joe" trying hard to make ends meet, Robert De Niro always delivers legendary performances which leave us wanting more. So if you're looking for a great movie experience - vote up your favorites on this list.

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