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READ Robert Herjavec Explains Why People Are Afraid of Sales  

Daniel Kohn
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List Rules Check out why Herjavec says people just can't seal the deal or fear taking part in sales.

On this week's Ranker Podcast, Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank is our guest, and he gives some great business advance in conjunction with the release of his new book, You Don't Have to Be a Shark. An investor, an entrepreneur, and an all-around good guy, Herjavec explains why people are afraid of sales. His answers are helpful not just those in sales, but to anyone who experiences anxiety just thinking about trying to make a sale.

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Fear of Pressure

This is what gets people, but it's definitely the biggest thing people fear. 

Fear of Accountability

Think about it: how many jobs do you do where the measure or metric of success or failure is really black or white? In sales, you make quota or you don't. That kind of accountability freaks people out. 

Fear of Rejection

People are deathly afraid of hearing the word "no." It goes all the way back to when we're small, when you did something wrong, you heard "no" or you got in trouble. Think about it: when you draw on the wall and the first thing you hear your mom and or dad say is "no" and they do something to punish you. Subconsciously, we associate that with punishment. As we grow up, we don't want to hear "no."