Unspeakable Times

Robert Lee Yates Is The Most Deranged Killer You've Never Heard Of

There have been many prolific serial killers in United States history, but few as distressing as Robert Lee Yates, AKA "The Spokane Serial Killer." Unlike many other murderers, who showed tons of warning signs about how messed up and evil they were, Yates flew under the radar, because he seemed mundane. Yet during his spree throughout the 1990s until 2000, he killed more than a dozen women by luring them into his car. Even before he started serially killing them he had committed blatant acts of murder in 1975 as mere target practice. Rest assured, these crimes committed by Robert Lee Yates are hardly easy to stomach. His story is one steeped in decades of death, callousness, and even necrophilia

Before you read, be aware that some of the details of these murders are rather graphic and disturbing. Yates killed numerous women, mostly sex workers, and used their bodies for despicable acts. What may be even more distressing is the way he lived his life between killings; he lived as if nothing was wrong. With this in mind, read at your own risk.