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Twitter Reactions To Robert Pattinson Batman Casting

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It must be a rule that every actor cast in a Batman film has to be contentious. When Michael Keaton was first cast, people thought Warner Bros. was crazy to think that Beetlejuice and Mr. Mom could take on the Caped Crusader. A similar outcry happened when Ben Affleck was announced to be donning the cape and cowl. People came around to both actors – and some even consider either to be the greatest person to play Bruce Wayne – but history is cyclical, and when the announcement came that Matt Reeves had cast Twilight alum Robert Pattinson as the lead in The Batman, people of the Internet began drawing lines in the sand.

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    Robert Pattinson Has Some Competition

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    The Sparkling Bat

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    Let's Get Nuts

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    Look To The Past Before You Hate

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