Weird History This Soldier Landed A Stolen Helicopter On The White House Lawn In The Most Bizarre Joy Ride Ever  

Rebecca High

"If at first you don't succeed, try to fly again." At least, that's Robert Preston's motto, and the weirdly fascinating story of how he commandeered an Army helicopter is told in this video.

In 1974, the helicopter mechanic made history and spawned a police chase in the skies by stealing a helicopter and flying it to the White House. He'd originally enlisted in the Army so he could become a helicopter pilot, but he failed the training and ended up as a mechanic instead.

The 20-year-old had big dreams though: he wanted to speak to President Nixon face-to-face and plead his case, telling him he was born to fly and should be given a second chance at helicopter pilot training. And Preston thought the best way to show his earnestness and prove his abilities would be to show up in an Army helicopter.

But how did even an Army insider manage this incredible heist, flying his (stolen) helicopter unobtrusively through heavily guarded weaponry and through heavily monitored airspace? You'll have to watch the rest of Preston's story to find out.